Probiz Software

Our modules were specifically built for the food services industry (Chick-fil-A franchised stores) by a team with significant IT and store experience. Each module can be customized for your store and new features are added weekly according to store feedback. Our initial goal was to help with Chicken tracking…Continue readingProbiz Software

Checklist with Direct Tasks

The Checklist Module was created to hold employees & managers accountable for the tasks related to a job position or store area. Tasks are displayed on a Full-sizedĀ iPad at specified times where team members complete the task or list and managers approve the completed task (optional). This holds team…Continue readingChecklist with Direct Tasks

Chicken Tracking

The Chicken Tracking module creates a lean tracking platform while eliminating liability issues associated with food-borne illnesses. Our bilingual system tells the team members which chicken should be moved next according to age & volume. Each case of chicken is tracked from truck to freezer, freezer to thaw, thaw…Continue readingChicken Tracking

Cooler Alert System

Our cooler alert system uses wifi sensors installed in the freezers and thaw cabinets to monitor temperatures. How it works: If a cabinet temperature moves outside the configured range we send your team an alert via the messaging app. The team selects the failure type where alerts will be…Continue readingCooler Alert System

HR Module

The HR Module streamlines employee management allowing operators to focus on customer service. Management uses quick feedback in the HR Dashboard to activate forms to apply praise or disciplinary action to any employee quickly and efficiently. Once an HR form is filled out the data is stored in the…Continue readingHR Module


The Messaging App is the central hub for all things Probiz. You can message all employees at once, create custom groups or Schedule when you want a message to go out all while the system automatically updates your employees via payroll. The app allows you to communicate with your…Continue readingMessaging

Waste Management

The Waste Module allows you to choose items from various categories and track the waste of the selected items. Once a report is used the information from the report is pushed to the waste team in messaging for them to view and the data is also save in the…Continue readingWaste Management