Checklist with Direct Tasks

The Checklist Module was created to hold employees & managers accountable for the tasks related to a job position or store area. Tasks are displayed on a Full-sized iPad at specified times where team members complete the task or list and managers approve the completed task (optional). This holds team members accountable and allows managers to coach and teach by using the checklists to inform team members what needs to be done. A task overview shows which task are not being done allowing operators to see weak areas within the store. Here is an in store Demo Video .

How it works: Individual tasks or list are displayed on an iPad at specific times. The responsible employee completes the list or task during the time frame shown on the screen. Each list or task can be completed independent of the other tasks shown on the screen. See below:

Direct Tasks: allow managers to assign a “single” task to an employee for something that needs to be done immediately. The task can be applied as a direct task or added directly to an existing Checklist. A task is assigned from the mobile app and both parties are notified of the status of the tasks through the Process. Direct Tasks Demo.

The Checklist Dashboardis your default home page. This page will hold your team accountable for tasks completion while providing a performance overview by area or position. Each report group is clickable allowing you to drill down for more details.