Below are modules being used in stores today:

1 – Health Assessment module: (In Store Demo Video)
How it works: Each employee logs in with a 4 digit code & records their temperature on a slider then answers the health assessment. The data is recorded and they go to work if they pass. If they do not pass, the iPad instructs the leader what mandatory steps to follow next to assure adherence to the CDC guidelines. All of this takes less than a minute and the information is kept private.
Purpose: to make the health assessment easy and private
Whats needed: 1 Full-sized iPad, 1 iPad wall mount (not the mini) & 3rd party access.
Cost: FREE to all CFA operators.

2 – Checklist module: (In Store Demo Video)
How it works: 
Checklist are displayed on an iPad (at designated times) where team members check them off when complete.
Purpose: to ensure tasks are being completed while creating team member and leadership accountability.
Whats needed: 1 Full-sized iPad, 1 iPad wall mount & 3rd party access.
Add-on apps: messaging can be added to tell users to do tasks
Cost: $25.00 per month (Unless bundled)

3 – Chicken tracking module: (In Store Demo Video)
How it works: 
Each chicken case is tracked from the time it arrives until cooked providing a historical path for each case that moves through the store. This includes time and temperature accountability (sensors in Beta) reporting through the receiving and thawing process. 
Purpose: to provide liability protection and food safety assurance against food-borne illness.  
Whats needed: 1 or 2 Full-sized iPads (not the mini) & Wall mounts, Probiz Printer & 3rd party access.
Add-on apps: temp probes (beta), temp alert system (beta), messaging can all be used to add additional features but none are mandatory. 
Cost: $49.00 per month (Unless bundled)

4 – HR Accountability module: (In Store Demo Video)
How it works: 
Store policy infractions/counselings (quick feedback) are collected and stored using a phone, tablet, or computer for easy access. This documentation can be used for future promotions/raises, as well as accessed for unemployment cases that may arise from a termination of employment.
– The evaluation software is used to ensure consistent feedback for all team members on a regular basis. This information is also stored and can be used for future reference for employment and promotion decisions. Regular evaluations of all team members ensures coaching and development of the entire team is being done.
Purpose: To hold team members accountable for time, attendance, and performance expectations as defined by the stores policy handbook.
Whats needed:
 iPhone or Android device & 3rd party access.
Add-ons apps: Messaging can be used as alerts for being late etc…
Cost: $79.00 per month (Unless bundled)

5 – Food labelling module: (In Store Demo Video)
How it works:
Tapping the food button prints the label with the date, time, expiration & users name.
Purpose: to create a customizable & reliable label printing solution. Printer configuration can be done in less than 1 minute even with replacement printers. 
Whats needed: 1 iPad & 1 Wall mount, 1 Probiz printer & 3rd party access.
Add-on apps: none
Cost: $25.00 per month (Unless bundled)

6 – Messaging module: (In Store Demo Video)
How it works:
 The Probiz messaging apps were specifically built for Chick-fil-A stores allowing you to send text, images & documents to all employees at once or to custom groups you create. Setup is fast because we create your employee list via payroll to get you started fast. We also sync your employee list nightly so you do not have to add or remove them due to turnover.
Purpose: to eliminate the need to use multiple apps like slack and team app. ONE app does everything needed to communicate efficiently with your store(s) and our app integrates with all other Probiz modules to add even more functionality.
Whats needed: IOS phone, Android phone & 3rd party access.
Add-on apps: our messaging app can be added to every module in our platform for alerts and more. 
Cost: $25.00 per month (Unless bundled)

The BUNDLE PRICE: for all the Probiz apps is 179.00 per month including the future apps shown under the Software in Beta at the top of this page.