Chicken Tracking

The Chicken Tracking module creates a lean tracking platform while eliminating liability issues associated with food-borne illnesses. Our bilingual system tells the team members which chicken should be moved next according to age & volume. Each case of chicken is tracked from truck to freezer, freezer to thaw, thaw to breading & breading to “In use”. We record each case movement including chicken temperatures insuring you remain lean and food safe.

How it works: Once the chicken arrives to the store you use the IOS phone/iPad or Android phone app to take a picture of the case label to record the case information and begin tracking the case until it is cooked. Labels print from a Bluetooth printer and the team member puts the labels on the cases. See the Case check-in video.

The Breader controls all of tracker: When the breader hits done the system prints labels and pulls the oldest case of chicken to the holding table to filet next. The team members takes any printed labels and places them on the trays according to the what is written on the label ie… 23 freezer to thaw, 24 to holding etc…

The Trackerdashboard is what management will use to keep your store lean and food safe. The dashboard shows the performance of the team while providing an overview of how lean your store is. We use dashboard data and Ai to adjust chicken allocations to prevent manual processes (beta). Each report group is clickable allowing you to drill down for more details.

Advanced Reporting allows stores to find recalled chicken quickly, reconcile case invoices and request case credits (beta).