Cooler Alert System

Our cooler alert system uses wifi sensors installed in the freezers and thaw cabinets to monitor temperatures.

How it works: If a cabinet temperature moves outside the configured range we send your team an alert via the messaging app. The team selects the failure type where alerts will be managed based on Ai and the reports data. No constant emails, No false alerts & you don’t have to place sensors in bags to keep them waterproof. Our short and long range sensors are 100% waterproof and have a 3 year battery life. Demo Video

Key features:
1 – You can control the temp range settings in the software & the time of the alert.
2 – You can control who receives the messages via the Probiz App.
3 – Once a team member selects the failure type the alerts stop.
4 – You can view historical sensor data to monitor Freezer and Cooler health over time.
5 – The circle icon shows the # of alerts in the last 24 hours per sensor & is clickable to view alert data
6 – Requirements: The Probiz messaging app, 2 gateways per store & 1 sensor for each cabinet or freezer you want to monitor.

Configuration Screens: Sensor alerts can be configured according to user need.

The Cooler Alert Dashboardshows advanced reporting for each store sensor. This allows management to see sensor trends so issues can be addressed before food loss or a food safety issues. Failing components trigger alerts to management that an action is needed. For example; if the team consistently selects the reason “Door seal issue” this will trigger an action needed message to managers to replace that door seal. We are beginning to use Ai via reporting to learn the trends of the store to adjust alerts accordingly.

The Sensor overview provides a snapshot of all cabinets at one time so you can see emerging trends.