The Messaging App is the central hub for all things Probiz. You can message all employees at once, create custom groups or Schedule when you want a message to go out all while the system automatically updates your employees via payroll. The app allows you to communicate with your teams, get notifications from our apps and puts your most used links in one location.There are 3 tabs. Here is an in storeĀ Demo Video. Please see the the 3 sections below for more info:

Tab 1:The Tracker Check-in is only seen by those with the permission to check-in Chicken for our tracking system:

Tab 2:Messaging is only seen by those with permissions. Messaging allows you to send messages, emoticons, @ someone, images, video & document posting, team creation, multi-store use, flag important messages & more. The messaging app will be used for things like accountability, shift swaps (beta), multi store communication, out of spec cooler temps, chicken tracking alerts, cabinet temp alerts and more.

Send invites to team members by logging into Probiz>Modules>Invite Employees and choose who you want to invite. . The names and groups shown are from Payroll meaning all new employees are updated nightly so they can be sent invites when needed. The system automatically remembers who you have sent invites to so you always know who needs to be sent an invite.

Tab 3:The App Menu contains all Probiz apps while allowing you to setup store social media links, external web links and CFA links. This allows you to use one app to access anything related to your store.

Scheduling messages:You can now schedule messages to go out at specified times. Simply type a message then tap the calendar icon beside the typing area and set the date and time you want the message to go out. You can schedule a direct message, Group message or a message to everyone.