Checklist Training

Get Started: Checklist allows you to create a lists or single tasks for employees that show up on an iPad at specific times. The responsible employee then completes the list or task during the time frame shown on the screen. Setup is easy because we clone the most used checklist for you meaning you can get started immediately. Checklist can be setup by location (FOH, dining room, raw area, etc…) or by Position (bagger, drinks, DRA, breading, etc….). Each list or task can be completed independent of the other tasks shown on the screen. We recommend using the cloned version until you understand how the module works. Don’t worry, we can set it back to default if you want before you go live. Checklist Demo.

Direct Tasksallow managers to assign a “single” task to an employee for something that needs to be done immediately. The task can be applied as a direct task or added directly to an existing Checklist. Direct tasks are not related to the the Checklist but are built into the system. A task is assigned to an employee and the employee is sent to the task via our messaging app to let them know the task needs to be completed within a set time period. Direct Task Demo.

Login to Checklistby going to Probiz/Modules/Checklist to access Checklist, Direct tasks, reports and settings.

TapChecklist to see the homepage for Checklist. The Homepage is where created task show at the specified times and where team members start and complete the tasks. If you want to lock the iPad to checklist click Kiosk mode in the lower right which will require an admin pin to unlock the screen. Checklist Example: The image below shows a store that prefers to display checklist on an iPad by location rather than position. The locations are on the left and the tasks are on the right.

List Example:Notice the image above shows “Lists” highlighted. Tapping “steps” shows the task list for the employee to complete as shown in the image below:

Manage Checklistis used to to create a checklist, move a checklist or create a list in checklist. A task can be setup by area or by employee type by changing the names of the areas shown on the left side. To move a checklist to a new section use the plus sign and drag it from the right side to the left side. Use “New Area” on the left side to create a new area or employee type category. Use “New checklist” in the upper right to create a new checklist.

ClickManage Scheduleto set the day(s) & time(s) you want the task to show on the screen. You can require an image & you can set audible alerts to let the team know they only have a set time left to complete the tasks.

Click Settingsto disable Checklist on weekends, require approvals by managers, require pins, set alerts & more.

Click Reportsunder the Checklist section to see a checklist report using an Admin login.

The Checklist Dashboard shows a task completion overview showing areas of opportunity in the store:

Adding a User: Admins have access to all modules but to give a user access to checklist go to modules>hr management>employee permissions then search for their name and give them access to Checklist as shown below:


Direct Tasks: allow managers to assign a “single” task to an employee for something that needs to be done immediately. The task can be applied as a direct task or added directly to an existing Checklist. The task is assigned from the mobile app and both parties are notified of the status of the tasks through the Process. Direct Tasks Demo

Creating a Direct Task: Login to the mobile app and choose New Direct Task.

Assign the task:by filling out the information on the direct task screen. The task can be assigned to one or more people or to an area or position. Once the task is filled out hit “create” to assign the task and send a notification via the mobile app.

The App Notification:is sent to all parties through their mobile device. Tap the notification to view the task.

Each Task: has a dedication section in messaging that displays the task. Click the task to view the details.

Status updates: show in the opened thread once the task is clicked on.