Cooler Alert Training

Getting Started with the Cooler Alert System is easy. During the sign up process our team will call you to discuss your needs and ship the devices to you ready to install. Once you receive them begin the setup process below:

Step 1: Plug the gateways in an outlet no further than 90 feet away from the cabinet sensors being sure they cannot be unplugged by team members or and in outlets that are not easily tripped (Like GFI outlets). If the power is lost to the the gateways the sensors cannot report data.

Step 2: Write a name on each sensor for reference then place the long range sensors at the front of the freezers and the short range sensors at the back of the thaw cabinets. Dry the mounting area and remove the double sided tape before placing the sensors against the wall. Be sure to place the sensors where they cannot be hit with a tray or box.

Step 3: Download the Probiz IOS App here or Android App here and login with the user ID and Password you created from your getting started email. The messaging app is where you manage sensor alerts to prevent food loss and to remain food safe. Once logged into the Probiz app you will have access to messaging and temperature sensor data.

Step 4: Setup a Sensor Alert Group to receive alerts in messaging. Here is how:

Open the Probiz Appand tap Temperature Sensors on the App Menu tab to show the Sensor Menu.

Tap Manage Alert Recipientsto add people you want to notify when cabinet temperatures are too high. Alerts are sent when doors are left open, door seals are bad or a cabinets are failing. Add a Group name then add employees to the group from the screen below:

Once an alert is receivedyour group will select the failure type then Probiz will adjust the alerts based on Ai and the reports data.

TheSensor overviewprovides a snapshot of all cabinets at one time so you can see emerging trends.

The Reportis an advanced dashboard that shows the historical data of each cabinets performance over time.