HR Module Training

Get started by allowing Probiz 3rd party access using the get started email links you received after signing up. Once complete, login to the Probiz website then click Modules>HR management>Homepage. You can begin using the module immediately because we have cloned the most used HR forms for you. Before making any modifications we recommend using it you understand how the module works. Don’t worry, we can set it back to default if you want before you go live. Once you are familiar with the module you can hide, add, remove and edit the forms to fit your store

Step 1: Use the get started email link to login to the Probiz app and go to HR management:

Step 2:Use HR Management to view results and start all feedback and evaluations. The pie charts & colored lines are created from the employee scores during evaluations, policies & reviews. Quick feedback allows Management to apply praise or disciplinary action to any employee without having to fill out a complete evaluation. Overall team results can be seen by clicking the pie chart or red/green lines but individual results can be seen by choosing their name under “start here”.

Step 3:Use the dropdown to begin Feedback on an employee (admin login required). Choose a name from the “start here” menu and choose the process you want to start.

Form results can be an viewed as an overview or in more detail by drilling down through the results menu.

Step 4:Adjust forms and customize your store. Once you’re familiar with the HR platform you may want to modify what forms show in your store. To do this simply open forms and drag the forms on the right to the category on the left that you prefer. Once a category is empty a trash can shows up so you can delete the category. Each store can be setup exactly how the store wants to view the forms.

Step 5: Create new forms, hide forms or add them from other stores based on your preference. Creating a new form is not hard but adding ones that exist from other stores is significantly faster and if you do not like what category they are in or how they are worded you can edit the quickly.

Step 6:Create new forms by dragging any block from the Form Fields(Add/Remove) section to the right side. Once the field loads on the right side use the arrows to move the form field up or down to place it where you want it in the form. Hit preview in the top right to see what the form will look like to the end user.

Form Fieldshave an “I” icon beside them that defines what each field does exactly.

Step 7:Counseling paths are automatically generated but you can create new ones or turn them off completely according to your preference. The standard path is verbal, written & final warning. Let’s say a person has been given a final warning but since the last write up they have improved greatly….. you can reset the counseling after a set period or by counseling type.

Step 8:Moo points are a rewards system for employees that adds or removes employee points based on form results. If on, you can apply points per line or form. Moo points are optional and can be turned off or on according to your preference.

Step 9:Employee Permissions can be set using our permission screen allowing users specific permissions according to store needs.