Messaging Training

Get Started by having your team download the Probiz IOS App or Android App then allow Probiz 3rd party access once you receive the email link for 3rd party access. If you have done this for HR you only need to do this once. Once complete, login to the Probiz website and go to Probiz Mobile App>Trigger emails to send secure password emails to your team for them to have access. You can choose who you want to send the emails to initially and ramp up the # of users once comfortable with the app.

Using the Messaging App: Login in to the app and begin using it. Here is how messaging works:
1 – Use the 3 bars at the top left to change companies
2 – Use search to search threads
3 – Use the speaker icon to silence notifications.
4 – Use the Latest news to send a message to all employees at once. (based on permissions)
5 – Use the icons to the right of latest news to insert images or documents. Use open to view the latest news thread.
6 – Employees sync automatically using 3rd party access meaning you do not have to manually add/remove employees to our app.
7 – Use the + to create or edit new groups or direct messages.
8 – Use the 3 dots to leave a group, pin messages, mute notifications or manage alert recipients.
9 – Create custom direct messages to individuals or groups using the + button.
10 – Leave emoticons, reactions, replies to messages and more.
11 – Partially type a message then come back later to finish the draft message.
12 – You can Mark a message as important where it comes to the top of the screen to view quickly.
13 – Recently viewed is now shown at the top of the page so you can see what you looked at last quickly.
14 – Scheduled message show at the top only for those who create the schedule.

Send invites to team members by logging into Probiz>Modules>Invite Employees and choose who you want to invite. The names and groups shown are from Payroll meaning all new employees are updated nightly so they can be sent invites when needed. The system automatically remembers who you have sent invites to so you always know who needs to be sent an invite.

Scheduling messages:You can now schedule messages to go out at specified times. Simply type a message then tap the calendar icon beside the typing area and set the date and time you want the message to go out. You can schedule a direct message, Group message or a message to everyone.