Waste Management

The Waste Module allows you to choose items from various categories and track the waste of the selected items. Once a report is used the information from the report is pushed to the waste team in messaging for them to view and the data is also save in the dashboard so management can monitor store waste.

How it works: A user creates a report like “BOH Waste” by choosing items he wants in the report, opens the report and taps the qty of items wasted and the system records the prices of each item selected pushing the totals the to the team via messaging. The system then records all data in the Dashboard allowing the store to see historical Waste data. See below:

Step 1 – Create a Waste Report: Login to Probiz mobile app (tap App Menu) or Login via the web (go to modules>waste management). Tap the Gear icon to start a new Waste report or tap the + sign to add a new item to a menu.

Messaging: Login to the Probiz mobile app>App Menu>Manage Alert Recipients to setup a Waste management team to receive alerts about each waste report. The Left image shows the info sent to the team and the right image shows the alert details once they are clicked on.

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The Waste Dashboard:shows management excessive waste areas. This can be accessed at the top of each message or by going to >App menu>waste management>Dashboard. You can also Login via the web and go to Probiz>modules>waste dashboard.