Cooler Alert Training

Our cooler alert system requires very little from the user. Once the sensors arrive to your store they will be setup and all that is required is the end user to plus in the Gateways and to install the sensors in the cabinets etc… Demo Video

installation Procedure:
1 – Install the Gateways by plugging them in.
2 – Insert the sensors in the cabinets as marked Freezer 1, Freezer 2 etc…
3 – Download the Probiz app and login to view the menus as shown below.
NOTE: You can view its historical data to check the Freezer or Cooler health over time. A circle icon shows the # of alerts in the last 24 hours per sensor & is clickable to view alert data

The App Screens below show data about each sensor over time:

Our sensors have a 3 year battery and are very reliable with no false alerts.