Zebra Printer Setup for Tracker and Labeling

1. Before You Begin

Make sure you have a Windows 7 or higher PC/Laptop available that you have permission to install software on. Make sure you have a Zebra ZD410 Printer with WiFi module (Part# ZD41022-D01W01EZ, it must be this one exactly).

2. Download & Install the Official Zebra Setup Utilities

  1. Make sure the Zebra printer is turned on and NOT plugged into the computer with a USB cable. You will attach the USB cable later in the printer installation. Download the Official Zebra Setup Utilities, accept the default settings &
  2. Run the Zebra Setup.
    1. Make sure there are no printers listed in the Printers list. If there are delete all existing printers.
    2. Click the “Install New Printer” button. At this point the Zebra Setup Utilities will tell you to connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable. Do this for a simple installation experience.
    3. Test to make sure the printer has been setup correctly.
      1. With the Zebra Setup Utilities still open.
      2. Click the “Open Printer Tools” button.
      3. Choose the “Action” tab.
      4. Make sure “Calibrate media” is selected.
      5. Click the “Send” button.

If the printer is installed correctly, then the printer will printer several blank labels and you may continue to the step 3 below:

3. Download & Install the PBS Zebra Utility

  1. To make things easier, you will want to make sure you are on the WiFi network that you will be using the App with (e.g. vdown).
  2. Download PBS Zebra Utility and install Utility accepting the defaults then run the utility.
    1. Login using the email and password setup on the Website App.
    2. Choose the ZD410 zebra printer & `Make sure DPI is set to 203.
    3. Printer Wifi Settings.
      1. Choose a network from the list or type the SSID (e.g. vdown).
      2. Enter the Wifi password.
      3. Choose either the Tracker or Labeler as the applicatn you wiill be configuring this printer for.
        • If this printer will be for both, then choose the first application for now.
      4. IP should be a number that will ost likely not be used by other devices.
        • If the Subnet Mask ends in a “0”, then we suggest the IP address’s last number be 240 for the first printer and then increment this by 1 for each additional printer.
      5. If you are on the same network (see step #1) that you will be running the app from, then leave the Subnet Mast and Gateway alone.
        • If you are on a different network then you will need to your IT department to provide this information to you.
      6. Click the “Update Zebra Wifi” button.
        • If you are using this same printer for another application, then choose the other application at this point and click the “Update Zebra Wifi” button again.
      7. Click “OK”
      8. The Printer will restart.
    4. Once the printer is back online, click the “Set Label Size” button.
    5. Click the “Calibrate Labels” button.
      1. Several blank labels will printer.