Messaging Changes

  • IOS
  • App crashes when tapping app menu see Skype
  • IOS: Mac version: Is there a new version of the app for Mac laptops? it does not appear to be the latest.


  • TEST TIM Android: Notification comes in but the when clicking on the notification it does not open the notification message
  • TEST TIM ANDROID: Does the Mute work?
  • TEST TIM Android and IOS: Tab # 3 landscape and change the name of tab one to Tracker but be sure that the name of the company your in is showing at the top on both apps.
  • TEST THIS: IOS/ANDROID: Change the message when trying to call and no number is available from Contact number not available to Phone # missing in Probiz web app
  • TEST THIS: So the error about the data not be able to be read happens when no internet is available but where does the wording come for that error. Thats the issue.. The error message needs to match the actual error not data cannot be read…See video. I sent a message to from android to IOS.. The notification came into the app but when I tapped on the IOS notification to open it when the Latest news opened I got this
  • TEST THIS: is Steves login set by default in the app? If so remove that